August 17th;

The night has a mysterious power over me. Its greatness induces me to think. The night is silent and cold; this is precisely what thinking requires: silence and coldness. Only this way can thought be born. Warmth and noise are for those that don’t desire thinking. Or better yet, for those that cannot confront it.

It seems to me that I have discovered a larger truth. The only truth that man may never ever understand. This truth is behind the most natural question:

What is life?

Life is thinking and loving.

Finally, I said. Yes. Life is to think and to love. How much pain a person feels when truth is found!

To think means to think the unthinkable. To think about that which you do not have the courage to think, for that which does not exist. To think beyond the world, to think beyond yourself, to think about your position in the world…

To love, means to love the night, the sky, the stars, the rain, the wind, to love yourself, to love a person; but to love unconditionally; to love within yourself. To love a person as you love the sea. Only in this way can we liberate ourselves of others. Only in this way can we be free.

Life is too beautiful to die. I am afraid of death for only one reason: I will not love anymore or think anymore. Well, this terrifies me.

3:23 in the morning

Perktheu: Valeriana Dema